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Let's Talk About Chatbots

Chatbots are entering applications and platforms at an impressive rate. The rise of artificial intelligence has made the development of chatbots a very popular and almost common thing nowadays. Why? To simulate a more interactive and user-centred experience for the customer.

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Mobile Takes over in 2016

Following the recent publishing by the Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB) of the 2016 PWC Digital Adspend Study, the significance of mobile in today's digital landscape is visibly growing. Over 10 years of the IAB conducting these studies, the digital adspend has never been so high with a total spend of £10.304 Bn and an increase from the full year's total adspend of 26% or £3.77 Bn.

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We have eight MOMA Award nominations.

It's that time of the year again, award season is upon us! The MOMA award night is almost here, and we are very proud to announce that we've been shortlisted for eight awards! The awards are:

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Mobile: Transforming the living room experience

While TV used to be the main entertainment & media activity in the living room, 70% of people now claim to ordinarily use a second screen while watching TV. This percentage rises to 87% when looking at 16-34 year olds only. This means that access to multi-screens in front of TVs is now the norm.

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Mobile World Congress 2017

Barcelona is emptying as MWC17 comes to a close. Evolution, not revolution, was the overarching impression taken away by the Somo team. 2016 was a year of rapid developments in hardware and platforms, this year saw companies taking stock and understanding how to make use of them.

Here’s what we learned.

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