Support the launch of Audi’s latest model by creating a cutting-edge app to showcase the car and promote Audi’s spirit of ‘Vorsprung durch Technik’ (progress through technology).


An exceptional app that welcomes users into a 3D virtual showroom where they can explore the cars through a range of interactive features, including:

  • The ‘Paint the A3’ function which lets users paint their chosen model with a spray gun
  • An innovative 360° visualiser that uses the in-built gyroscope function of the iPad to show the car’s interior from every angle
  • An ‘on your drive’ augmented reality section which lets users resize and rotate the car to see how it would look parked at home, and share this with friends through Facebook and Twitter
  • Plus videos, technical details, and ability to request a test drive or brochure, or find a local Centre


“For a range as important to Audi as the A3, it was essential that we enabled our fans, customers and prospects to experience the new models without having to rely upon going into a Centre. The iPad application is a perfect way to experience the exterior and most notably the interior changes that have been made.Using this new app they can sit in their current car, and overlay the new A3 interiors to explore and understand their brilliant new features as well as visualizing the All New A3 and A3 Sportback on their drives.”

Hugh Fletcher, National Digital Manager

Download the Audi A3 iPad app here