The Art of Strengths Coaching

Somo is fortunate enough to work with the excellent Mike Pegg, a leading pioneer in the field of ‘strengths coaching’. Mike does fantastic work enabling Somo’s team to achieve ongoing success and has written several books on the subject of building on strengths. His latest, The Art of Strengths Coaching, has just been published, and we are very happy to recommend it – an insightful, interesting and useful read!

The book is aimed at professional practitioners wishing to learn and apply the principles of strengths coaching, and is also an important reference work for anyone wanting to understand the development of strengths coaching within the broader context of management theory and practice.

Mike’s book is available from Amazon, and he also provides a wealth of useful content on the Strengths Foundation website and blog.

“I have worked with Mike to employ the super teams approach in every business I’ve run over the last 20 years. And it’s worked every time. In fast-paced, entrepreneurial businesses, Mike’s approach has helped build teams that share a common vision of the company’s goals, and a clear appreciation of the contribution every single person will make. Just as importantly, it has equipped employees with an understanding of their individual strengths and value, enabling them to shape their future careers and go on to build successful businesses of their own. I cannot recommend Mike, and his practical, positive approach, highly enough.”

Nick Hynes, Somo CEO


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