NOAH Conference: Nick Hynes speaks to an audience of big-hitting VCs on the importance of mobile.

On Tuesday, our CEO, Nick Hynes took part in a panel discussion at the illustrious NOAH Conference in Old Billingsgate, London. The conference sees internet CEOs, excutives and investors sharing insight on the latest digital trends.

The panel discussion that created the most buzz and excitement was on the future of mobile business. Nick Hynes was joined on the panel by executives from Flurry, Madvertise, Apprupt, Snappli and the European Editor of TechCrunch.

Nick outlined the importance of mobile as a dual screen device; “The most popular time of usage for a mobile is actually between 7pm and 9pm at night, when it’s sitting with you on the sofa watching TV. It’s the most powerful direct response mechanism you’ve ever seen. The advert pops up on TV, and the first thing people reach for is the phone on the coffee table.”

Nick, also explained the huge potential of mobile for enterprise environments; “With tablets and mobiles now entering proper corporate environments, where security, consistency and standards become paramount, we’re going to see a revolutionary change as big as we’ve seen so far. And that’s when we’ll be playing on Windows’ home turf. And when people start getting devices that their companies are providing, that’s going to be a really big influence on what we carry in our pocket…”

Read Venture Village’s full write up of the panel here.


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