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Our Top Trends from The Next Web 2017

Many speakers gave a positive vision of the future enhanced by the next generation of technology. What is technology for? Artificial intelligence and machine learning can support us in being human, not undermine us. They can do the things we don’t want to do, and allow us the time to do the things we are best at. (Though of course the new wave of automation created by AI will create a kind of ‘economic climate change’ that will be challenging and must be addressed.) Danny Lopez of Blippar said that “the capacity for social good that AI offers is limitless”, mentioning healthcare, autonomous cars and education, and observing that, for example, highly trained medical staff are not best used studying thousands of images to find cancer cells.

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What is ASO?

App Store Optimisation, or ASO, has become an increasingly trendy topic among mobile marketers, app owners and agencies. Someone not familiar with what ASO is can find hundreds of blog posts, beginners guides and “how to” articles. Typically, these websites say that App Store Optimization is a way of increasing traffic by ranking high for relevant keywords. High ranking means more people will find the app and download it.  

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Google I/O '17 Predictions

It is less than a week to go until Google’s annual developer conference, “Google I/O”. There is now enough detail on their conference schedule for us to start seeing some general trends.

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F8: Facebook Developers Conference 2017

 The dust has settled after F8 last month. People are getting to grips with the bot store, the first users are tentatively making their way into Facebook’s Spaces, and creators are applying for access to AR Studio (augmented reality). After setting Facebook’s 10 year vision at least years F8, this year saw it begin to refine. After last years launches, notably of the Messenger Platform, received criticism, there were some releases clearly intended to address concerns. Facebook’s vision for social virtual reality (VR) also came closer to actually being in people’s (pixelated) hands, through Facebook Spaces.

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Let's Talk About Chatbots

Chatbots are entering applications and platforms at an impressive rate. The rise of artificial intelligence has made the development of chatbots a very popular and almost common thing nowadays. Why? To simulate a more interactive and user-centred experience for the customer.

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Mobile Takes over in 2016

Following the recent publishing by the Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB) of the 2016 PWC Digital Adspend Study, the significance of mobile in today's digital landscape is visibly growing. Over 10 years of the IAB conducting these studies, the digital adspend has never been so high with a total spend of £10.304 Bn and an increase from the full year's total adspend of 26% or £3.77 Bn.

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