The all new Audi A3 brought to life with iPad app from Audi UK and Somo

360°  interior visualiser puts users in the drivers seat

London, 8th October 2012: Audi UK and Somo, the largest independent global mobile marketing company, have released their latest app to support the launch of Audi’s latest model, the new A3.

The app allows users to experience the A3 at home, and learn more about its cutting-edge technology. Users can explore the car’s interior through an innovative 360° visualiser that uses the in-built gyroscope function of the iPad to show the car’s interior from every angle. The app’s ‘on your drive’ augmented reality section lets users resize and rotate the car to see how it would look parked at home.

App users can also choose their ideal car colour, view a gallery of stunning images, find out about the car’s technical details, and request a test drive, brochure or find their local Centre

The release of the app coincides with Audi’s cross-media advertising push which will promote the A3 across the printed press, outdoor media and online. To further support the campaign Somo has created a highly interactive mobile rich media ad creative which uses the same ‘inside the A3’ visualiser function as the app.

Hugh Fletcher, Audi’s National Digital Manager, comments “For a car as important to Audi as the All New Audi A3, it was essential that we enabled our fans, customers and prospects to experience the new model without having to rely upon going into a Centre. The iPad application is a perfect way to experience the exterior and most notably the interior changes that have been made.Using this new app they can sit in their current car, and overlay the new A3 interior to explore and understand its brilliant new features as well as visualizing the All New A3 on their drives.”

Maani Safa, Global Innovation Director at Somo adds “The A3 holds a special place in the hearts of Audi fans so we wanted to create something exceptional to really show it off. In the spirit of Audi’s philosophy, ‘Vorsprung durch Technik’ (progress through technology) we’ve used the latest in augmented reality to bring the A3 to life like never before.”

The iPad app is the latest in a suite of mobile products that Audi and Somo have produced this year, including the Audi Mileage Tracker app, Mediawall and A6 Bi Turbo app.

Download the app for free now. 

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