The history and evolution of Somo.
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Our offering

Our focus is on developing solutions for both customers and employees in the following areas

Customer experience

Staff digitisation

Staff/customer engagement

Innovation through technology

Physical/digital augmentation

We achieve business success through our broad digital capabilities

  • Research & insights
  • Transformation vision
  • Customer journey mapping
  • Prioritised roadmapping
  • Digital culture development & training
  • Product strategy
  • Cross-device web-build
  • Native app build
  • Customer experience (UX/UI)
  • Technical architecture
  • Hacks and incubation innovation
  • Content and video development
  • Modern development training
  • Digital marketing strategy
  • Marketing creative development
  • CRM & loyalty strategy
  • App store optimisation
  • Digital & mobile marketing training

Our process

We focus on removing barriers and friction from the customer and employee journey to re-engineer the overall experience

Our Rapid Actionable Innovation engine develops quick wins, brilliant basics and wow moments on this journey through a proven agile methodology


We have developed and structured our teams around a set of archetypal roles that have shaped through delivering hundreds of world class products.


This team conceives, specifies and governs our technical solutions, aligning multiple requirements, stakeholders, teams and tools to deliver excellence


Placing the needs of the users at the heart of every project, through practical research and thoughtful experience design


These pros combine creative thinking with an imaginative use of technology and elegant design

Project managers

Adept and experienced in handling complex programmes of work, driving efficiency and guarding standards


Skilled, multi-disciplined engineers at the forefront of our industry


A deeply experienced team who interrogate the user journey to devise the ultimate experiences


Accelerating change by bringing the impact of innovation to life

Growth accelerators

Putting digital marketing expertise in practice to fuel customer growth for clients

Our leadership

a little more about the team steering the ship

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Our values

Create success

Creating success is what drives us each day. We deliver excellence for our clients, partners and people. This means more than just achieving objectives – it means doing rewarding work that shapes the future.

Lead with knowledge

We strive always to be at the forefront of our fast-paced and fragmented industry, acting as trusted advisors to our clients, making sure they can take advantage of new opportunities and helping them choose the right path forward.

Love innovation

You can usually find us playing with the latest gadgets and talking tech. But loving innovation must lead to actionable change, positive impact and seeking ways to improve the way we work, the services and products we deliver – and our clients’ bottom line.

Be brave

Every day we do things that haven’t been done before – and that takes courage. We work best with clients who share this value – who want to push boundaries, explore possibilities and make great things happen.