Our story

The history and evolution of Somo

The birth of mobile

Somo was born in the throes of the mobile revolution. We cut our teeth showing brands how to capitalise on the growing trend of mobile consumption, helping them innovate and express themselves in a whole new medium, with new demands and new possibilities.

We have always thought differently, because our very inception was borne out of doing things that had never been done before.

It’s this perspective that has guided us ever since.

New devices, new capabilities

As the device landscape expanded and tablets became mainstream, we were among the first to design and build customer experiences that took advantage of what these new formats had to offer.

Technology is like a breaking wave.
It’s our business to always stay ahead of it.

Nick Hynes, CEO

Pioneering event technology

Somo was among the first to create bespoke event technology experiences, merging the physical with the digital, and breathing life into the traditional exhibition space.

New and alternate realities

We brought new kinds of experience to clients through virtual , delivering innovation beyond the known constraints of digital.

We were pioneers in creating and understanding what makes a stunning experience from both a design and an engagement perspective.

IoT, zero UI and beyond

As technology and connectivity reaches a level of ubiquity, it opens entirely new ways of interacting. We continue to be at the forefront of innovation, helping clients to understand the capabilities, limitations and future of new products and technology.

Growing capabilities and scale

Through each of these developments, we’ve evolved and incorporated new, diverse capabilities to offer a wide mix of bespoke services that meet the specific needs of clients across multiple industries.

Mobile inception era
Mobile expansion era
Next generation

Beyond 2020

Somo continues to innovate and navigate the changing technology landscape. Through Rapid Actionable Innovation, we deliver products and experiences people love.

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