Introducing Digital Experience Rapid Response Workshop.

Natalia Bochenska, Senior Strategic Marketing Manager in London, UK
11 May 2020

Change now to create a better future.

COVID-19 has put the majority of businesses in a state of flux. We can no longer deny the economic loss and the unsettling business impact that’s expected to surface even before we fully come back to normality. We can no longer deny the extraordinary shift that’s evolving customers’ behavioural patterns. And we can no longer put the digital experience needs on hold, hoping customers won’t notice.

Digital has been rooted in daily life for many years now, playing a key role in the purchase decision-making process and the customer journey as a whole. But the lockdown has created an interesting new reality. It has pushed the physical realm to a back seat, making digital the single most important touchpoint your customers are engaging with, as they’re bound to look for alternative ways of getting things done without leaving home. 

What we’re experiencing now across the world will certainly leave its mark on all types of businesses. As digital reaches parts of the society that were not previously using this channel to its full potential, and as it becomes even more entwined with what customers think is the new normal, the shift to digital will continue to evolve. And so will customer expectations. 

This is why we’re introducing Digital Experience Rapid Response Workshop. 

In collaboration with Cloudreach, the leading multi-cloud services provider, we’re launching a new Digital Experience Rapid Response Workshop – a 1-week high-impact engagement to help you master your digital experience and transformation, understand how your consumers’ and employees’ needs are changing, what the implications are for your business, and how you can react now and deliver long-term changes that will be sustained beyond the crisis period.  

The goal of this workshop is to identify quick wins for your business and create an actionable roadmap of priority areas to tackle, informed by a better understanding of the strategic changes that are impacting the digital experience.     

Our collaboration with Cloudreach provides an unrivalled opportunity to work with two industry leaders that can help you adapt to radical change and address threats fast – while unlocking opportunities to create real business value. It combines Somo’s deep digital product, design, customer experience and technical expertise with unparalleled knowledge and experience in consulting and engineering cloud solutions that Cloudreach is renowned for across the globe.

For more information on the Digital Experience Rapid Response Workshop (including key objectives, themes and agenda) click here. If you’re looking to rapidly adjust your digital experience and gain relevant actionable insight, get in touch to arrange your workshop.