Meet Felipe – Somo’s Technical Director.

22 June 2020
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It’s time to introduce you to another Somo-er and, this time, we’re heading straight to our newest office in Medellín, Colombia.

Felipe joined Somo’s growing Medellín team earlier this year and has fully embraced the Somo culture. He collaborates with all of our teams and works closely with our clients to help define and create their digital experiences. Below, Felipe tells us what he loves about working in a people-first, global company, and what he would be doing if he wasn’t working in tech.

1. You’re a Technical Director at Somo. What does your job involve?

My responsibilities as a Technical Director involve regularly working hand-to-hand within the engineering teams to create and maintain flexible technology solutions according to the client's business needs.

I act as a bridge between the technical side and the business, defining best practices and implementing strategies that allow our clients to be successful in the digital environment.

2.  What’s your favorite thing about working in a global company?

The people-first culture and distributed teams are definitely the things I love most about working at Somo. Not all global companies have a value-driven culture implemented in their DNA – but Somo certainly does.

Because of these core culture values and beliefs, I strongly believe that we – both as co-workers and the company – can create amazing customer experiences for our clients.

3. If not a career in tech, then what?

It would be something related to psychology or human behavior. In a world where day-by-day we are surrounded by data and technology, it’s important to find the balance between the digital world and ourselves as individuals.

That is why my focus in my career has not only been to contemplate the technical aspect of things, but also how we – as humans and individuals – can maximize our skills to contribute to the different projects and make them a successful experience.

Somo ranked as the best digital agency to work for in this year’s Campaign Live’s Best Places to Work 2020 and has been recognised in Inc. magazine’s annual list of Best Workplaces in America for 2020. We're sure an award for our Medellín office isn't far behind!

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