Meet Ronak - Somo's Full Stack Developer.

21 January 2021
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We want you to meet another Somo-er – and this time, we’re over in Charleston!

Ronak joined us in 2019 as a Full Stack Developer and is part of our awesome team in South Carolina. Below, he tells us what she loves most about our (currently) remote culture, what department intrigues him the most, and what his all-encompassing role actually entails!

  1. You’re a Full Stack Developer in the team - it sounds super cool! What does it really mean?

    It is really cool! On paper, Full Stack Developer means someone who can efficiently work on all aspects of a web application, from the user facing application to the server side application that powers it. In reality, it means taking on any task that needs to be done, regardless of where it falls in the application. Exercising your knowledge of the entire stack to make sure decisions will not impede current or future efforts throughout the application.

  2. What’s different about working at Somo?

    I can go on about how fun everyone at Somo is to work with and how incredibly smart my coworkers are. Instead, I’m going to talk about Somo during the ‘VID. Without skipping a beat we transitioned into remote employees, and while I do miss seeing my coworkers in person, as a company Somo have done an amazing job at not losing the personal, albeit still virtual, touch. We have an always-on ‘water-cooler’ zoom for drop-in/drop-out conversations as well as coffee chats and happy hours over Zoom as well. We’ve even invented our game, TOURNAMENT! So, yeah, what’s different about working at Somo? Well, it’s the concerted effort to stay human, despite what happens around the world.

  3. If you were going to work in a different department for a day - which would it be?

    I’d say sales. I’d love to try out being a sales engineer, combining interaction with people and engineering. The chance to bridge the gap between technical expertise and people-to-people interaction. Assessing the client’s needs, then recommending technical solutions to their concerns seems like a pretty good way to spend a day.

Somo ranked as the best digital agency to work for in this year’s Campaign Live’s Best Places to Work 2020 and has been recognised in Inc. magazine’s annual list of Best Workplaces in America for 2020.

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