How health, travel and tech sectors are delivering meaningful product experiences.

Megan Stott, Marketing Manager in London, UK
08 April 2020

We’re back with another Somo Sessions episode! This time, we sit down with our product and design experts to talk about some of the most innovative and creative product experiences, why they work and how they are changing the market.

In this episode, our Innovation Lab Manager Myers is joined by Nicola Bertazzoni – Somo’s Senior Product Manager, Graham Wood – Somo’s Head of Design, and Tim Johnson – Somo’s SVP of Product to discuss some of the recent examples of products that are delivering great customer experiences across travel, healthcare and technology. They explore:

·      How a pregnancy app could provide insights for the financial services sector

·      Why simple features can often be overlooked in the travel sector, but can be extremely valuable for customers

·      How certain tools can enhance our ways of working from home, and

·      Why delivering a consistent art direction across all platforms matters

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