Webinar: Transforming Through Innovation 2018.

Mitul Chauhan, Head of Content
17 January 2018

Throughout the last 10 years, new technologies and opportunities have been rapidly emerging. Since the inception of the mobile revolution in 2009, mobile has become much more than just smartphones. The Internet of Things and hundreds of different devices and sensors have become an integral part of our home, car and even of ourselves. VR and AR have started to blend the real and digital in immersive experiences.

It can be hard for businesses to keep pace with this innovation and understand how these technologies will affect your organisation in the next year and beyond. It can be even harder to understand the key product and technical applications that are right for your business and uncover the strategic opportunities that will help you get ahead.

Do you want to lead with innovation in 2018 and beyond?

Join us on Tuesday 23 January for our live webinar, Transforming Through Innovation in 2018. Our strategy, product and technical experts will share their thoughts on the most important emerging technologies and business and consumer trends.

The webinar will introduce our 6 new sightlines; core themes focused on the trends and technologies that are driving innovation and creation of value in the connected space today, with key examples of successful products and companies leading in each space. You will also have the opportunity to put your questions to our experts in a live Q&A.

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