The Internet of Things

Saving retailers time and money

First impressions

Location-based prompting

Nearby shoppers will be prompted with:

  • targeted contextual marketing offers
  • location-triggered notifications

A personalised welcome

Customers can be welcomed through their phone or wearable with:

  • a personalised greeting
  • tailored offers
  • product recommendations
  • staff receive alerts signalling VIP customers for premium service

64% of US internet users cite the overall experience I have when I'm in the store as the main reason they decided to purchase a product at a particular store.

Personalised shopping

Digital displays

Digital displays can showcase:

  • Localised product pushes, and personalised offers and messages for customers using beacons and wishlist data
  • 9/10 male and 7/10 female shoppers would be more likely to make a purchase if they saw something personalised on an in-store beacon / digital display

Dynamic pricing

Smart price tags can be changed in real-time, based on sales performance, or personalised to individual customers depending on their previous loyalty.

Efficient purchase and delivery

Frictionless purchase

Products can be automatically scanned and paid for as a customer leaves. No more checkout queues clogging up your store, freeing up space for inventory and POS.

Primary frustrations of US internet users with shopping at retail stores:

  • 29% long lines at checkouts
  • 21% slow checkouts

Click & Collect

The customer’s approach will trigger an alert to staff, so click and collect products can be made ready in advance of their arrival.

Two most reported areas of customer frustration with store Click and Collect services:

  • 32% – Long waiting times due to lack of staff
  • 30% – Store staff unable to locate items

Intelligent delivery

Location based data will:

  • Instruct couriers whether customer is home and ready receive their order
  • Provide more accurate delivery time estimates
  • Save costs of delayed deliveries and undelivered returns

Delivery direct to the customer will allow customers to receive their goods wherever they are.

In-store cost savings

Energy saving

Smart thermostats and lighting controls can regulate the store environment more efficiently resulting in huge energy cost savings.

“A 20% cut in energy costs represents the same bottom line benefit [for retailers] as a 5% increase in sales.”

Smart packaging

Perishable items can be monitored to ensure freshness and discounts applied as they become close to their best before date.

Stock replenishment

With smart tagged products, store managers will be able to:

  • Monitor stock levels in real-time
  • Allow automatic re-ordering of stock

¼ of US internet users listed “Not finding what I need” as their primary frustration with shopping at retail stores.

In-store data mapping

Using existing store video and thermal imaging, store usage can be mapped and monitored in real time to understand key shopping areas and crowding flash points.

Efficient customer assistance

Customers can be identified and serviced more efficiently by store staff with access to:

  • Customer wish lists
  • Real time data of where a customer is in-store
  • Which items are engaging customers most

The Internet of Things, coming soon to a high street near you.

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