Super Bowl XLIV

Super Bowl XLIX was the most watched show in US TV history

It Also Broke Streaming Rating Records

Super Bowl XLIX Broke The Nielsen Ratings Record

That Had Stood For More Than 3 Decades

Super Bowl XLIX With Hashtag #SB49 Was The Most Tweeted Super Bowl Ever

Surpassing Last Year’s Game Which Generated 28m Tweets

There was more Facebook chatter about the game than ever before – with more women commenting than men

The Hyped-up Halftime Show And The $4.5m Ads Were Also The Most Expensive Of The Year

The Top 5 Most-mentioned Brands For Super Bowl XLIX Were Budweiser, Nationwide, Skittles, Doritos, And Mcdonald’s

Super Bowl viewers use a second screen

Heading: Despite this second screen behavior...

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