Giving the website builder for small businesses a UX makeover

With customer refunds on the rise and satisfaction scores declining, Somo used AWS tools to re-engineer the end-to-end product for B2B start-up Mettrr.

The Vision

Mettrr asked Somo to help refocus their technical efforts towards a more customer-focused product that could create business value for the right target audiences now and in the future. The north star was a website builder that could meet customer expectations like greater personalisation and was built with a modern, future-proofed tech stack. Commercially, they were looking to reduce customer attrition as well as acquisition and onboarding costs.

Industry Landscape

The DIFM website builder sector is very competitive with many service providers like Mettrr, as well as agencies, vying for the custom of small businesses and sole-traders. These small businesses are time poor, not always digitally savvy and need a solution that saves them time and money. But they also value being in control – having the reassurance of a web partner to do the complex techy stuff but make everything else simple enough for them to do themselves.

In the current climate, there is a huge incentive to improve UX, grow customer satisfaction ratings and build advocacy with an estimated 1.2 million UK businesses without a website as of 2020.


Mettrr is a start-up that makes and manages websites for the DIFM (do it for myself) small business sector, such as tradespeople and solopreneurs. They had seen rapid growth in firms using their services but quality and satisfaction levels were being hit as their current user experience couldn’t meet demand.

The Mettrr experience wasn’t flexible enough to accommodate user needs. Its phone-only onboarding and lack of a modern preview function put potential customers off during the joining process. Additionally, there were many customer preconceptions, old biases and other product issues that needed to be addressed.

The other key challenge we faced was that the new AWS-based system had to work side-by-side with old legacy systems, which lived in a different ecosystem. Both technologies had to function independently, but also communicate with each other when needed.


Firstly, Somo researched and identified the pain points and needs of Mettrr customers to validate how the product should be improved and to inform design and development.

We set out to create an online onboarding journey that collected relevant information and produce a personalised website preview that customers could embrace and customise further with a website editor.

From a tech perspective, Somo conducted an audit of Mettrr’s existing architecture, infrastructure and processes identifying key areas of improvement required to create a platform that could service customers effectively and be an enabler to Mettrr’s business ambitions. Based on the audit, Somo defined a north star technical architecture consisting of a new Website Builder with modular theming capabilities, a flexible Website Editor with real-time updates and an Onboarding experience with personalisation capabilities.

We developed these components alongside Mettrr’s existing infrastructure using AWS PaaS capabilities to enable scale and performance. For the WebSite Builder component, Somo utilised ECS as the elastic runtime and S3 for storage of the generated website assets. For the Website Editor and Onboarding components, we used AWS Amplify’s service collection including, Cognito for Authentication and Authorisation, DynamoDB for Data Storage and AppSync for real-time updates. The platform was built using event-driven architecture which was powered by Amazon SQS.

Business Outcomes

The finished product includes more user friendly, intuitive interfaces for both customers and the Mettrr developers building the sites. Through deploying the AWS product suite we created a flexible technical architecture that has made it easier for Mettrr to scale their service in the future.

We significantly expanded their website editing capabilities and flexibility. Originally, Mettrr could provide only 18 themes, but after the implementation of a new design system they now have 100k+ possible variations to offer customers.

The new solution directly solves several previous pain points (and known reasons for a refund) including:

- Custom layout

- Copy elements of another site layout

- More colour

- Dissatisfaction with themes

- Ability to choose fonts

- Ability to change fixed wording

- Custom buttons (add/remove/change copy)

There was a major increase in prospect lead quality too, given that once the onboarding and previews were implemented, customer expectations were met and less follow-up engagement was required to close out a sale.

What the client said


Somo helped us to completely rethink and reshape our core proposition and worked with us to accelerate our roadmap to an extent we couldn't have previously done.

Sophie Ras
Head of Product & Strategy Director at Mettrr