2020 Digital Trends.

Somo Trends
Winter 2020

In this 2020 Trends report, we go far deeper than simply pulling out a list of new tech innovations. We consider the opportunities and commercial capabilities of the latest tech, and explore how these technological advances impact – and evolve – human behaviour.

Download our latest report to find out which innovations should be on your radar and what are the key digital themes that every organisation needs to know about. We'll explore:

  • Digital Wellbeing — a topic that recognises the impact of digital on human behaviour and why brands should care

  • Digital Privacy — considering the high-profile data breaches of several corporates in the past few years and why we must do better

  • Digital Truth — how to enhance business transparency and why developing trustworthy relationships with customers is key

  • Digital Skills — exploring the future of work, digital skills and why developing the right culture matters

  • Digital Ethics — why establishing an ethical framework for design, development and the use of data should become the priority


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