The evolution of energy companies: satisfying customers and society.

White paper
Summer 2020

What’s the digital opportunity for energy suppliers?

More than 40 new electricity and gas suppliers have entered the market over the past four years. The sector has witnessed intense competition, with new providers razor-sharp focused on meeting customer needs and reacting quickly to the changing trends and behaviours. 

Over the past few months, as the new COVID-19 reality has slowly settled in, brands across all sectors have worked extremely hard to stay afloat. Many were forced to expedite their digital innovation efforts and move their entire businesses to the online realm. But where do utility brands sit in all this? Are energy suppliers doing what customers need? And how can utility brands use digital technology to battle the upheavals set to disrupt the supplier industry in the medium- to long-term?

In our brand new white paper, you’ll find: 

  • Somo’s exclusive consumer research and an in-depth look at the needs and wants of today’s utility customers, how they choose their suppliers, and what products and services will interest them in the future.

  • Views from the frontline of the UK energy and utility industry, with leading experts from brands including UK Power Networks (UKPN), Southern Water, OVO Energy, and Kaluza (OVO Group’s technology platform ecosystem) giving their view on the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead utility companies now and in the future.

  • An overview of current consumer perception of tools and services provided by utility companies.

  • Somo’s analysis and forecast on what the future holds, what utility providers can do to differentiate, and how utility brands can play a richer role in the consumer’s everyday life.


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