Trust and Data Acquisition in a post GDPR world.

White paper
Autumn 2018

Trust lies at the heart of relationships between Customers and Brands. When it comes to data, trust is just as important in building value exchange.

With the long-awaited introduction of GDPR, data transactions require trust at every stage, from the provision of accurate and truthful data about the customer to how brands utilise and keep that customer data safe. This white paper explores the myriad of issues that brands face in forming equitable and trusted relationships with their customers today in a post GDPR world.

Inside this white paper:

  • Details of the six motivational trust profiles found by Somo, defying traditional demographics such as age and digital literacy.

  • The thought-process that shows how you can best design products for these six unique audience groups.

  • The manner in which customer trust is gained, kept and lost in our increasingly digital age.

  • Case studies of the techniques utilised by start-ups such as Monzo, whose hacked trust growth allowed them to gain a vast user base in a short amount of time.

  • The reasons why traditional companies still have an edge over start-ups when it comes to customer data acquisition and how they can leverage this advantage.


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