Audi Vision: Bringing Brochures to Life with AR

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  • AR

The Brief

Audi UK briefed Somo to create an app to showcase its dynamic cars in the spirit of “Vorsprung durch Technik” rather than in a static format, like that of a brochure. A core function of the app would be to add value to consumers considering purchasing an Audi, through education, information and emotional engagement. The app would need to educate consumers about the Audi range - including pricing, specification and the additional features which can be difficult to explain. It would bring each car and its technology to life, generating brand engagement and informing the purchase decision to drive consumers to book a test drive.

The Solution

Audi UK and Somo created Audi Vision, a mobile augmented reality platform, which allows users to bring traditional print media to life. Vision was inspired by the idea of using your mobile device as a lens to reveal something that was not previously there - illuminating the page and bringing it to life. As users point their mobile device at any piece of Audi communications containing the Audi Vision logo cars leap from the page via video, allowing customers to see the cars in motion and hear the engine roar, creating a far more emotive experience than a static image.

Using the in-built gyroscope of smartphones and tablets, the app allows users to explore from any angle as they twist and turn the device, experiencing the luxurious interiors of the Audi range otherwise neglected in traditional advertising. It also adds an instant conversion path to ATL media which was not previously available. Videos are used to clearly visualise the benefits of Audi’s many technical options, making it even easier to up sell once customers enter a Centre. Image hotspots highlight key car features and specs allowing you to zone in on different features and learn more about everything from the upholstery to the in-built satnav.

The hotspots map over an image and are all controlled by CMS to allow for instant updates. In the most recently released phase of Vision all content is linked to Audi’s product database. This allows live pricing and finance options to always be displayed ensuring a customer has the most relevant information to hand, even if the printed collateral they are looking at isn’t the latest release. Audi Vision has for the first time enabled Audi to track consumers’ direct action of the back of these communications.

Audi Vision screen

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