BP Learning Centre: Interactive Learning

  • Transforming Engagement

The Brief

BP is committed to building a more sustainable energy future and that starts with investing in their staff. To move training out of the classroom, BP developed interactive learning centres in the UK and US, which comprise museum-style exhibits and break-out areas. The company wanted to incorporate technology to enhance the interactivity of the centres.

The Solution

In order to make these exhibits truly interactive Somo developed a series of applications; the ‘Learning Lens’, an augmented reality mobile app and a flash application for a multi-touch interactive table.

The Learning Lens allows users to navigate through the centre and engage with each exhibit, augmented reality brings static content to life, overlaying additional information and generating 3D models of oil rigs and other important structures.

The multi-touch table allows numerous students to engage with different content on the same table at the same time. Here they can view 360° visualisations of upstream technologies around the world, and seek out opportunities for jobs and career progression.


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