Hive Connected Home VR Experience

    The Brief

    To engage consumers about the possibilities of the connected home, Hive decided to invest in a dedicated experiential activation to specifically drive consideration. This showcased the new products to a relevant audience of prospective buyers and offered consumers the opportunity to be immersed in the technology within a simulated ‘home’ setting.

    Somo, Hive’s innovation agency, was briefed to create an immersive, product-led experience to bring the products and their benefits to life.

    The core objectives were:
    • To immerse consumers into the Hive brand and product offering, showcasing its relevance
    • To educate consumers on the Hive products and their benefits
    • To excite consumers and enhance brand perceptions to generate a higher propensity to purchase.
    • To generate sales of Hive Active HeatingTM

    The Solution

    In order to showcase Hive’s products in an environment that consumers could relate to and truly understand, Somo developed a virtual reality experience that allows a user to experience a day in the life of the Hive connected home. The immersive and innovative tour highlighted how the suite of products work alongside each other to give people a better way to control their home.

    The concept, design, animation, development and overall story was all delivered by Somo and rolled out at a series of consumer events including the Ideal Home Show and an exhibition at Bluewater shopping centre.

    Due to a number of Hive’s new products not being available to purchase at the time, Somo had to create an experience that brought these products to life for the consumer, explaining in a clear and engaging manner how they could significantly benefit their day-to-day lives. Each scene within the connected home experience was based on a specific use case identified from customer research. The video also used the voice of ‘the Bard’ character from Hive’s above the line activity to ensure integration across channels.

    After participating in the VR experience, consumers had that ‘light bulb’ moment, realising how the Hive connected home can improve the way they control their home. They were then able to purchase certain Hive products right there and then on the stand.

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